Registration and support of the enterprises in Ukraine and abroad

Registration and support of the enterprises, organizations, companies of all forms of property in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

  • Registration of natural persons-entrepreneurs;
  • Registration of changes in the statutory documents of legal entities;
  • Registration of changes of legal entities not associated with changes in statutory documents;
  • Registration of branches and representative offices, including offices of foreign companies;
  • Business support (from the date of registration up to liquidation), including:
    • development of statutory instruments;
    • registration, changes to the statutes in the process of legal entity function;
    • development and implementation of optimization schemes of economic and financial activities for businesses and individuals;
    • preparation and analysis of legal documents;
    • development of recommendations for reporting and tax planning for businesses and individuals.
    • registration of rights (ownership, lease) to the objects of property, including legal entity real estate;
    • claims and enforceability work;
    • representation in state bodies and courts.
Registered Trademarks
During the registration process

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